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Thank you for visiting our site and hope that it will be useful in preparing and planning a visit to Portugal. If you give us the preference, we will help you to make your trip more complete, comfortable and unforgettable!
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Portugal (officially, Portuguese Republic), is a sovereign state located in southwestern Europe, with a population of 10,5 million people. In addition to the mainland on the Iberian Peninsula belong to two Portuguese archipelago of Madeira and the Azores, with a total area of 92.090 km2.

Portugal is a Republic since 1910 and a member of several international organizations such as NATO (since 1949), the United Nations (since 1955), OSCE (since 1961), EU (1st January 1986) and the CPLP-Community of Portuguese Language Countries (since 1996). The country is also part of the Schengen space, the Eurozone and is also present in the Ibero-American Summit (since 1991) and has played an active role in UN peacekeeping operations in several countries.

Portugal is a country with an independent economy and developed based mainly in the services sector and industry.

In agriculture, they are occupied less than 12% of the workforce, which is a fairly large part of the Portuguese economy in which the country is a major producer of olive oil, wine and cork products.

At the present time, despite the remarkable natural conditions of this country, capture fisheries occupies only 1% of the workforce.

In recent years, it has been made a great progress in the tourism sector, it could become a highly visible outside because of the organizational skills of leisure time and accommodation of tourists. On average, 13 million tourists visit Portugal.

In 2013 and 2014, the magazine's experts at Condé Nast "Traveller" chose Portugal as one of the best destinations for those tourists who consider the main criteria for a good rest; beautiful scenery, cuisine, beaches and welcoming people.

In Portugal, you can enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine, typical of this region of Europe. There is always fresh fish from the sea (sea bass, swordfish, sea bream, grouper, tuna, sardines, octopus, squids), all types of seafood (shrimp, crab, lobster, prawns, mussels, oysters), a lot of variety of fruits and excellent Portuguese wines.

Wine production dates back over 2000 years, with its typical varieties, traditions and flavors of each region. The best known, of course, the Port Wine and Madeira Wine, but also table wines, dry, pleasant to drink from the regions of the Dao, Douro and Alentejo.

Portugal, a country with a taste for sweets, in which each region has a varied wide of traditional convent cakes, including the most famous of them and "secret", the Pastel de Belem. They are produced by hand since 1837, and only in the oldest confectionery of Lisbon, in Belem.

Cheese makers also offers its production with various types of cheese; cured, half cured, buttery, fresh and even liquid. Some of the best known and most traditional that we recommend are; the “Serra da Estrela”, “Nisa”, “Azeitao” and “São Jorge” from a Azores island.

Ending this little story about Portugal, we say that if you have chosen this country to travel or just for a short and comfortable stay, you will not be fooled. It has a rich historical and architectural heritage, with many monuments that are recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO because of its uniqueness.

The mild climate allows you to visit this country at any time of the year (daytime temperature never below 0 ° C, even in the north). For sun lovers and beach holidays, from June to September, Portugal offers an ocean clean and comfortable hotels. Not feel the stifling heat thanks to the breath of fresh Atlantic air. Portugal is a very peaceful country, warm and with the friendliness and hospitality of its inhabitants as noted in the responses of all travelers.

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